IE Thermal Packer

The IE Thermal Packer is a CT Thermal Packer with an Internal Expansion (IE) Joint. This packer is a double-grip retrievable packer designed for steam injection/production. This packer’s design is based on our highly successful ASI-X Packer.

This packer features a double-grip hold down system capable of holding pressure from above and below. This feature allows the packer to maintain pack-off and prevent movement of the packing element without having the packer in tension or compression. The double-grip feature allows the packer to be ideally suited for huff and puff operations as well as continuous steam injection.

This packer is equipped with high temperature elements and wire mesh backups to prevent extrusion for service up to 450° F (an element package for 650° F is also available).


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Product Information

Special Features

J-Slot controlled expansion joint
Based on proven ASI-X Packer design
Safety shear release
Expansion joint up to 20 Ft available

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Product Specifications

Casing Recommended Hole Size (inches) Gage OD
Max OD (inches) Tool ID (inches) Thread Connections Box Up / Pin Down Part Number Technical Data
Size (inches) Weight (lbs/ft)
5 11.5 - 15.0 4.408 - 4.560 4.125 4.2201 1.50 2-3/8 EUE 74150 Register/Login to see technical data
18.0 - 20.8 4.156 - 4.276 4.000 - 2-3/8 EUE 74152 Register/Login to see technical data
7 17.0 - 26.0 6.276 - 6.538 6.000 6.1251 3.00 3-1/2 EUE 74170 Register/Login to see technical data
26.0 - 32.0 6.094 - 6.276 5.875 - 3-1/2 EUE 74171 Register/Login to see technical data
9-5/8 43.5 - 53.5 8.535 - 8.755 8.250 - 4.00 4-1/2 EUE 74195 Register/Login to see technical data

1 Maximum OD is across retracted drag blocks.

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

OPTIONS: Available with carbide and other expansion joint lengths (10 FT, 15 FT, and 20 FT).

IE Thermal Packer