Downhole Casing Swivel

The Downhole Casing Swivel isolates tools, casing, or tubing from rotation above. Bronze bearing rings insure smooth rotation under load. Simple design allows for easy tool redress.

Product Information

Special Features

Simple design for easy redress
Full casing/tubing ID

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Product Specifications - Casing Swivel

Casing OD (inches) Swivel OD (inches) Swivel ID (inches) Thread Connections Box Up / Pin Down Part Number Technical Data
7 8.500 6.25 7" LTC 48070
6.50 7" BUTTRESS 48070B
9-5/8 12.000 9.00 9-5/8 LTC 48095
9-5/8 BUTTRESS 48095B
9-5/8 LTC 48013

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

Downhole Casing Swivel