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Featured Product: ASI-X Anchor

The ASI-X Anchor is a mechanically set double grip tubing anchor and is the most durable and debris tolerant anchor in D&L’s product line. It is an adaptation of D&L’s field-proven, strong and dependable ASI-X Packer. The ASI-X Anchor is

New: WR Bridge Plug – 10K rating from above and below

BUILT WITH A QUARTER CENTURY OF KNOW-HOW. The WR Bridge Plug is a wireline set, wireline retrieve, packer-type bridge plug capable of holding differential pressure from above or below. The WR Bridge Plug is used as a temporary bridge plug

D&L Oil Tools Featured Product: VSI-X

The D&L VSI-X Single String Double- Grip Production Packer is one of the most versatile packers on the market. It is a modification of the ASI-X Packer with the advantage of being able to set on electric line or hydraulically.

Featured products: D&L Service Tools

Imagine twenty-five years of quality, dependability and precision built into every tool we make. That’s the D&L difference. Our expertise speaks for itself, from the high quality materials that go into our products, to the standards we set for engineering,

Featured D&L Product: ASI-X Packer

The ASI-X Packer is the most versatile of the mechanically set retrievable packers and may be used in any production application. The ASI-X Packer is suited for treating, testing, or injection applications, in pumping or flowing wells, either deep or

Organizational Changes Announced

As we enter our 25th anniversary year, we’re ensuring D&L is stronger than ever. I’m pleased to announce the following management updates which will equip D&L for a long and successful future: Dan Eslicker has been promoted to Chief Operating

D&L Oil Tools receives The Williams Summit Leadership Award

D&L Oil Tools received The Williams Summit Leadership Award for the Best Overall United Way Campaign.  In 2014, D&L Oil Tools doubled its number of United Way supporters at the Leadership Level ($500 or more annually), in part, by increasing

We carry stock inventory on select products

STOCK INVENTORY – replenished daily – available for same day shipment.* Current inventory includes: ASI-X Packers 7K & 10K (4 1/2″ – 9 5/8″) DT-2 On/Off Tools and Stingers Wireline Adapter Kits for VSI-X Packers AS Plugs (4 1/2″ –

Grand Opening and Ribbon- Cutting Ceremon

Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremon