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Maverick Named as Exclusive Canadian Distributor

June 18, 2020 – D&L Oil Tools has named Maverick Downhole Technologies Inc. its exclusive Canadian Distributor for all D&L products. For the past three years, D&L and Maverick have worked closely to meet customers’ needs across Canada. This partnership

Featured Product: ASI-X Anchor

The ASI-X Anchor is a mechanically set double grip tubing anchor and is the most durable and debris tolerant anchor in D&L’s product line. It is an adaptation of D&L’s field-proven, strong and dependable ASI-X Packer. The ASI-X Anchor is

Featured Product: Hydro Plug

The Hydro Plug is designed to have excellent running characteristics and secure sets. The plug can be set hydro-mechanically without the use of special pressure setting tools. The plug is designed for rapid drill-out while maintaining sufficient strength during the set. It is

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Product Spotlight: YYT Packer

YYT Packer The D&L Oil Tools YYT Packer is an economical, compact tool for injection, pumping, medium range treating and production applications.  The yo-yo J-slot design allows the packer to be set and unset without rotation of the tubing. The

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Product Spotlight: Surface Tubing Swivel

The D&L Oil Tools Surface Tubing Swivel allows tubing to freely rotate under load during well service operations.  Roller thrust bearings ensure smooth rotation under pressure and tensile loads.  Simple design allows for easy tool redress.  The Top Sub is designed to

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Product Spotlight: Anchors

D&L Oil Tools has a full line of anchors to meet your needs.  Not sure which one best fits your needs?  Contact us – we’re here to help. ASI-X ANCHOR DL-CS ANCHOR DRAG BLOCK TUBING ANCHOR/CATCHER HYDRAULIC TUBING ANCHOR QUARTER TURN ROD

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D&L Oil Tools in the Permian

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Seal Information & Permapak Accessories

Featured: D&L ESP Packers

The DLESP Packer is a hydraulic set, mechanically held, Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) production packer, with secondary bores for ESP feed through cable and optional chemical feed through lines. Because no tubing manipulation is required to set this packer, the

The ProTension™ Safe Tension Tool

  The patented ProTension™ Safe Tension Tool (STT) was designed as a safety tool to eliminate the potential for loss of well control when pulling a tubing string into tension. Additionally, it allows operators to safely set tubing anchors and

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