Featured Product: ASI-X Anchor

323 - ASI-X Anchor - PN 32351 2The ASI-X Anchor is a mechanically set double grip tubing anchor and is the most durable and debris tolerant anchor in D&L’s product line. It is an adaptation of D&L’s field-proven, strong and dependable ASI-X Packer.

The ASI-X Anchor is built using durable ASI-X parts, making redress both quick and economical.

Like the ASI-X Packer, the ASI-X Anchor requires less rotation, ¼ turn, allowing for easy set and release. The slips stay engaged fully when going from tension to compression. It can also be set with other packers in tandem due to the variety of J-body configurations available.

Special Features

  • Can be set with tension for shallow well applications
  • Can be left in tension, compression or neutral
  • 1/4 turn right-hand set, 1/4 turn right-hand release
  • Additional J-Slot arrangements available

Download the full product sheet