WLAK - for Permapak Packer

The Wireline Adapter Kit (WLAK) – for Permapak Packer is designed to set Permapak Seal Bore Packers with industry standard wireline pressure setting assemblies or comparable equipment.

This setting equipment can also be used with hydraulic setting tools that are configured like the standard setting tool. The setting equipment is designed so the outer sleeve can be adjusted to provide a proper make up to the packer.

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Technical Data for Permapak Wireline Adapter Kits

Product Specifications

Setting Tool Size Setting Tool OD (inches) External Threads Internal Threads Packer Sizes
05 1.718 1-1/4'' UNS 5/8'' UNF 2-3/8"
10 2.750 2-1/2" ACME 1" UNC 4"
20 3.800 3-1/2" STUB ACME 2" ACME 5-1/2" & LARGER

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

WLAK - for Permapak Packer