Model “H” Hydraulic Setting Tool

The Model “H” Hydraulic Setting Assembly (HST) is a hydraulic setting tool designed for setting packers and plugs without pipe manipulations. It is used to set packers and plugs that are normally set with a Model “E-4” Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly (or similar wireline setting equipment). The same adapter kit that is used on wireline can be used with the Model “H” HST.

The Model “H” HST and packer (or plug) is run in on the tubing to the desired setting depth and a ball is dropped to the HST. Pressure is applied to close the fill ports, which also opens the setting pistons to pressure. As pressure is applied, force is transmitted to the packer (or plug) to set. Tubing tension can also be applied to supplement the setting force generated by the pressure applied.

The standard setting tool comes with three pistons, but additional pistons can be added to reduce setting pressure.


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Product Information

Special Features

Large internal by-pass
Tubing fills automatically as HST is run in the hole
Premature setting is prevented by means of a shear screw in the cross link sleeve
Ported top sub permits circulation through the HST
Use existing wireline adapter kits

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Product Specifications

Size (inches) Tool Max PSI Max Pull (lbs) Tool OD (inches) Total Effective Piston Area (in2) Connection Part Number Technical Data
Top Bottom (Baker E-4)
#05 10,000 31,000 1.718 1.49 1.315 EUE SIZE 05 39105 Register/Login to see technical data
#10 10,000 75,000 2.750 3.44 1.900 EUE SIZE 10 39110-3 Register/Login to see technical data
6.88 1.900 NUE SIZE 10 39110
#20 6,000 120,000 3.81 13.980 2-3/8 EUE SIZE 20 39120-2
4,000 120,000 3.81 20.940 2-3/8 EUE SIZE 20 39120-3 Register/Login to see technical data

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes, connections, and rubber options available upon request.

Model “H” Hydraulic Setting Tool