Cross Flow Assembly

The Cross Flow Assembly is designed to allow for a fluid path between the casing annulus and tailpipe below a packer. It primarily is used for gaslift operations where gas from above a set retrievable production packer is directed through the packer and tailpipe to be used to lift produced fluids. The produced fluids and gas are routed through the Cross Flow Assembly into the production string. The ported sub on bottom allows long tailpipe sections below the packer since the weight of the tailpipe hangs on the bottom of the packer.

The Cross Flow Assembly is designed to screw into the top of a standard retrievable production packer (such as an ASI-X Packer). The setting and retrieving of the production packer is not altered by the addition of the Cross Flow Assembly.

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Product Information

Special Features

Simple design
Easily re-dressed
Adaptable to different retrievable packers

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Product Specifications

Tubing Size (inches) Production ID (inches) Vent ID (inches) Thread Connections (Box Up / Pin Down) Part Number Technical Data
1.900 1.19 0.62 1.900 NUE w/1/4" NPT PORT 67646
2-3/8 1.12 0.62 2-3/8 EUE 67645RCF Register/Login to see technical data
2-7/8 1.63 0.88 2-7/8 EUE / 2-3/8 EUE 67656 Register/Login to see technical data
3-1/2 2.00 2.00 3-1/2 EUE 67670-3500EU
4 3.50 2.00 2-3/8 NUE / 4" NUE 67640
2.00 2.00 4 67670-4000NU
5 2.50 2.39 2-3/8 EUE 67650LCFV
5-1/2 1.25 0.88 2-7/8 EUE 67657
5-3/4 2.00 2.00 4" NUE 67640LCF
7 1.25 1.25 3-1/2 EUE 67673
2.50 2.50 5" LTC 67650LCF
2-3/8 EUE 67650LCF-E
1.25 1.25 3-1/2 EUE 67673-E

Cross Flow Assembly