Type E Valve

The Type E Valve converts double-grip mechanical packers like the ASI-X Packer into Retrievable Bridge Plugs. The valve is in the open position when running and closed by left-hand rotation after setting the packer. When retrieving, the valve is opened by the rotation required to release the packer. Safety dogs lock the tool and valve together during running and retrieving.

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Technical Data for Variations of the Standard Tools Below

Product Information

Special Features

Valve locked closed
Bonded seals
Equalized before releasing packer
Safety interlock when running and retrieving

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Product Specifications

Size (inches) Tool OD (inches) Thread Connection Pin Down Part Number Technical Data
1.900 2.130 1.900 NUE 12435
2-3/8 3.094 2-3/8 EUE 12445 Register/Login to see technical data
2-7/8 3.094 2-7/8 EUE 12455
3-1/2 4.344 3-1/2 EUE 12473 Register/Login to see technical data
4-1/2 4.750 4-1/2 EUE 12495 Register/Login to see technical data
5-1/2 3.094 2-7/8 EUE 12455 Register/Login to see technical data

NOTE: All pricing includes standard Nitrile trim. Other sizes and connections available upon request.

Type E Valve