Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I obtain pricing for a D&L tool(s)?

A: Click here to contact D&L Sales Dept. for assistance.


Q: Does D&L make downhole tools that are similar to other tools that are available? Where can I get a cross reference guide?

A: Click here for a cross reference guide of available downhole tools made by other manufacturers.


Q: Where can I locate D&L part numbers and/or a parts list?

A: For a product tool part number – click here to go to the Products page, and click on a link (tool name) to see the Sales Data Sheet. For individual replacement component part numbers – please refer to the technical manual for the specific tool (NOTE: For access, current customers will need to login). Or click here to contact D&L Engineering Dept.for assistance.


Q: How can I setup an account and become one of D&L’s customers?

A: Click here to contact D&L Sales Dept.for assistance.


Q: Why do I need a login User Name and Password for D&L’s website?

A: To access technical information and documents.


Q: How can I get a member login to D&L’s website?

A: Current customers can click here to login – OR – click on the Create an Account (top right of any page). Fill out the form with your information, then click on Sign Up to submit your information for review.


Q: Can D&L make premium / special threads?

A: Yes – we have access to many types of premium threads. Please contact a D&L Sales Associate with questions about your specific requirements.


Q: Where can I locate technical information for D&L products? and for a specific size?

A: Login with your member User Name and Password. When the Products page opens, click on the tool size link under Technical Data that you need. If technical information is not listed, click here to contact D&L Engineering Dept. for assistance.


Q: Does D&L service their products in the field?

A: No – D&L is a manufacturer only. We will offer technical assistance to any of our customers regarding their tools. Click here to contact D&L Engineering Dept. for specific needs.


Q: Does D&L offer any tools other than what is listed in the catalog?

A: Yes – D&L is always willing to work with our customers on any custom projects they may have a need for.


Q: Does D&L offer other exotic materials, elastomers, and/or metallics for corrosive downhole environments?

A: Yes –  Some of the more common materials we use are 13 Chrome and Super 13 Chrome, but we have worked with other types in the past. Some common elastomers we use to upgrade our tools with are: HSN, Viton, EPDM, ECNER HSN, ECNER Aflas, ATR, and VTR seal arrangements. We also offer electroless nickel plating on most of our product line. This offers protection against corrosive downhole environments at a much lower cost than exotic materials.


Q: What if I cannot locate the tool(s) for my application in your catalog?

A: Click here to contact D&L Engineering Dept. for assistance – more than likely we have something in our product line that can be used in your application.


Q: What is the shear value of the shear screws on a tool?

A: Click here for shear screw values. (NOTE: Shear values do NOT apply if shear screws are used in a pressure-operated tool.)